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Monday, 14 November 2016

Book two is OUT!

I am pleased to announce that Mini Myths Book Two is available to buy on amazon!

Book One is no longer billy no mates!

And there is more  good news...

...Book Three will follow very shortly!

Watch this space. 



Monday, 7 November 2016

Book Two Proofs


I am excited to say that the proofs have come back from the printer for Book Two and they look great!

I'm really pleased how this book has turned out.

No typos....That I have spotted! So it's full steam ahead. This book should be available to buy on amazon within the next few days.

 I will notify when it is.

Here's a few pics...

Books one and two together
Book Two 

An interior spread

Another interior spread

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Finally Book 2 is ready!


Wow, it's been an absolute age! With so much other work (the sort that pays my mortgage and keeps me in pasta) taking up all of my time for the last few months I am really pleased to announce that finally Mini Myths book two is in the proofing stage and will be available very soon. WOOHOO!

And it is fair to say that I am really pleased witrh how it's turned out.

Here are some images...

The front cover artwork  

My favourite Sphynx is back!  

A juicy interior spread. Poseidon being mean!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Mini Myths Book One Out Now!

Mini Myths Book One is available to buy on Amazon!


Friday, 4 March 2016

Book One Proof!

Last Wednesday morning was a lovely sunny affair. A nice crisp March morning in fact and as I was enjoying my first coffee of the day there was a knock at the door! It was my proofs back from the printer! Could the day get any better?

Well, yes! I eagerly ripped open the manila packaging to unleash the treasures that lurked within! And out dropped two splendid copies of Mini Myths Book One! You'd think after so many years of  working on this project with all the stopping and starting that I'd be tired of looking at it but no way! 

Let's be honest creating artwork digitally for a digital format is great but you can't beat a physical copy to pour over. There is something magical about seeing your work in print, bound up as a book. Also I have taken time to re-format Mini Myths from the original iOS App into a children's picture book and comic book hybrid. To accomplish this I needed new elements to be created.

My Wife has read these stories from the very first incarnation back in 2008 but I hadn't really shown her much of the new content and layout of this version. So I was really pleased when she read this version and instantly commented on how great it read and the flow seemed much more fluid.

Anyway, back to the proofs.

A good example of new artwork created to enhance the story telling.

This is the second lot of proofs that I requested. The first had a different cover that really didn't work and, shock horror there were three typo errors! Unforgivable. Anyway this second proof is the business. I'm really pleased and the book can now go into production and be available to buy. 

This series has been and continues to be a labour of love. After having the disappointment of not being able to continue these books as iOS Apps for various reasons I almost gave up on Mini Myths but now it's back, bigger and better than before!



Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Update Feb 24th 2016

As I'm waiting for the printed proof of Book One to come back I'm setting the layout for Book Two, "Perseus and Andromeda". Although 90% of the work has been created I am taking the opportunity to add artwork where I think improvements in the flow of the new format is required.

Here's one spread I've been working on today.

I am concentrating on the print book first then once that is ready I'll convert to Kindle.

Monday, 22 February 2016

"Mini Myths" a new beginning

Greek Myths re-imagined in a comic book for kids.

The constantly quarreling Gods of Olympus use the lives of mortal men as play things to devastating effect!

Zeus, Mighty King of the Gods creates a new concept...

...The "Hero!"

An individual to inspire these mortals with deeds of outstanding bravery.

Action, adventure, monsters and mayhem rock the ancient world as these new "Heroes" become central in the power struggle between the numerous Gods...

Who will emerge triumphant?!

BOOK 1: Perseus and Medusa 40pp ISBN: 978-0-9572914-1-6

Perseus is the first Hero of Zeus. A head strong lad who must complete a seemingly impossible quest  to save his mother from a tyrannical King!

40 full colour pages of mythical adventure! 8.5" x 8.5"

Out soon!