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The Ongoing Quest

This is the behind the scenes section.

Snapshots of the design process and my thoughts as I beaver away...

4th December 2012

Here are more old designs from Perseus and Medusa.

From the beginning I had a strong idea of how I wanted Danae to look, especially her  B-52's inspired Beehive style hair.

Here are a couple of old throne room illustrations from the first draft of Perseus and Medusa.

Here is the Land of the Hyperboreans, home of Medusa!

When I started the second story, "Perseus and Andromeda" I thought it would be interesting if I took a screen grab every hour that I was working. Here are the first few days, starting with 22nd November 2011.

16th August 2012

Characters of Book 1:

Perseus and Medusa was the first story that I wrote and designed and it's still my favourite, probably because it's the story that has changed the most since 2008.

Some characters are drawn and redrawn many times before a satisfactory version presents itself and others are nailed on the first go! Perseus has had the most versions of any of the Mini Myths characters.

Here are some of the various versions that still exist.

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